Tips For Having a Holi-Themed Party

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By Tanari Events 

Holi Holiday Decor Series

Holi Holiday Decor Series


The festivities of Holi are among us! As we prepare for the holiday of color, we want to help you find fun & vibrant ways to enjoy this holiday with your family & friends!

Originally celebrated by Hindus as a way to transition into the spring season, it has become a global event for all to enjoy!

If you’re planning to throw a Holi party, here are some colorful ideas to keep in mind!



candy bar 3

1)  Take colorful candies (M&Ms, Skittles Jelly Beans, Sour Patch Kids, Gummy Bears etc.) and put them into bowls. Sort them by candy or color and leave them scattered in various areas of your home for people to snack on.

 2) Make fruit & vegetable plates to bring out some natural (and healthy) colors. People will also feel less guilty about snacking!

3) Incorporate colorful cake pops. Use different color candy melts and top with different colors of sprinkles! (This would be good to give your guests in a goodie bag!)



For traditional Indian fare, some colorful and simple dishes include Papdi Chaat (to serve with naan or crackers/bread of your preference), Kesaria Peda, Coconut (or chocolate) Burfi and Galub Jamun!


To quench your thirst during/after Holi festivities, here’s a great recipe for Thandai!

Filled with colorful and poignant spices, it brings out the essence of the holiday.

The recipe is very family friendly and can be tweaked for vegans as well as for those who want to add a pinch of alcohol!



For traditional Holi festival fun, tell your guests to wear a white tee-shirt and comfy clothes! Buy some holi powder in various colors (pink, blue, orange, yellow);


Pick a place to meet that can handle the mess (ie. a backyard, park, street) and have a powder fight! [NOTE: make sure to have people volunteering to take pictures – they make for a great scrapbook or collage!]


For something a bit less messy, buy paper confetti (various colors/sizes) and throw it around the room and at each other. You can get great pictures this way also!

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Photo source:




Have a Tye-Dye party! This may require more planning, but this is a unique and colorful way to celebrate Holi! Tell you guests to bring a white tee-shirt. You’ll need garbage bags, rubber bands, color dye, latex gloves and plastic bags (for shirts to sit overnight). We recommend this activity outdoors to avoid spills.

Bring our your artistic abilities! Get some watercolor paint and paper to give your guests for a fun art class. Paint images of trees, fruit, rainbows or whatever is easily accessible!

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Photo Source:

If you’re a small group, baking cookies/cupcakes is a great way to keep the spirit of Holi! Make sure to have lots of colored chocolates, sprinkles and bright treats so you can incorporate.

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