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Home, Where’s Home?

By Arathi Devandran @miffalicious & online at After moving for the sixth time in a span of two and a half months, I’ve finally gotten settled, and figured this was the best time to speak about how it is to be a nomadic young adult in this time and

A Daddy’s Heart: A Daughter, A Caregiver

by Arathi Devandran  @miffalicious & online at: The human heart is an organ that has been the muse for artists of various forms. It is vividly described in prose, in verse, symbolically represented by painters and sculptors alike, and is the subject of many beautiful songs and films. As

Let’s Make a Baby? Campaign Has Mixed Opinions From Youth

By Arathi Devandran @Miffalicious  & online at: Love, Miffalicious Singapore’s National Campaign When I first read the article, and then subsequently listened to the rap, I will not lie, I burst out into laughter. No, really, I did. I guess you’ve got to be a Singaporean to understand the joke