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Amar Seva Sangam: Caring for Special Needs Children

A world away but so close to home By: Anchel Krishna @AnchelK When you think of rural South India, what do you picture? Perhaps it’s lush green landscapes, oxen pulling carts, and villagers carrying crops on their heads as they kick up the dust on the roads as they walk.

The Push to Teach Kids to Volunteer

  Canada is celebrating National Volunteer Week from April 6-12 and Anchel Krishna discusses why volunteering is important for her family. By Anchel Krishna @anchelk Volunteers currently make up a really important proportion of my life. At work we have a number of amazing volunteers – many of them parents

Canada Day The South Asian Way

By Anchel Krishna @AnchelK In her first article as a parenting writer for, Anchel shares her family’s Canada Day traditions. When I was growing up, long weekends – like Canada Day – were often spent at places like Ontario Place. A picnic of parantha or chaana were often on