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What Moms Should Know About Diabetes

By Zannat Reza  @food4happiness Are you savvy about diabetes? Chances are you know someone who has diabetes. As South Asians, we are three to five times more likely to have diabetes compared to the Caucasian population. Why? Some theories say it’s a genetic predisposition, while others state that South Asians

When Is a Group Home for Your Autistic Child the Right Choice?

By  @thesaaac There is a collective unease about group homes in the South Asian community, especially in the case of admitting individuals with special needs. The discussions the South Asian Autism Awareness Centre (SAAAC) had with various families about group homes reveal mistrust for such institutions.   Additionally, there is

To Wean Or Not To Wean

By Meera Ramanathan @me & online at:  dreamzwild.wordpress.com “I will exclusive breastfeed my baby until he starts solids” was the decision I made as an expectant mother. Not because it was eco-friendly as the breastfeeding classes emphasized or because it was the best boost for his immunity as his pediatrician