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Date and Coconut Roulade Recipe by Devnaa

Recipe: Date and Coconut Roulade By Devnaa @devnaa The penultimate recipe is from Devnaa’s free recipe booklet ‘Sugar and Spice, Volume 2’. This is something that I remember Mum making from when I was really young, a quick and easy recipe that everyone loved. I hope you enjoy it as

Staying True to Pakistani Cuisine While Keeping it Modern

By Salima Jivraj Fabulous Foodies A series on food bloggers from around the globe bringing inspiration, information and how-to! This week we have a one-on-one chat with UK Foodie Sumayya Jamil! Sumayya Jamil, Owner of MyTamarindKitchen London, UK Have you ever wanted to learn more about Pakistani food in a