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Profile of a South Asian MomBlogger: Radhika Kowtha

By Anjum Choudhry Nayyar She’s an avid blogger with three, countem’, THREE! blogs she maintains. While South Asian mombloggers aren’t on the radar in the mainstream, they are certainly a force. Living in D.C. and originally from Madras, India,  Radhika Kowtha is a mom of three, a wife, a daughter,

Where Are All the South Asian Mom Bloggers?

By Anjum Choudhry Nayyar For those of you masalamommas who blog out there, you’re part of a select crew. While there’s been an explosion of mom bloggers over the years, South Asian mom bloggers aren’t necessarily on the radar.   For many parents, the impulse to write about their parenting

Ra.One [a review of the good, bad and ugly]

by Radhika Kowtha Occasionally the husband and I have the time and interest to physically step out to catch a movie in town. Most of the times, we indulge in the DVD. Having a home theater (and plunging considerable money on it) has its benefits, thankfully. We are a family