Youth Talk


In this section we talk about issues facing South Asian youth today and provide a young person’s perspective to moms in South Asian families. This section is supported by Brown Girl Magazine.

Becoming My Mom

By Arathi Devandran @miffalicious You know how They (yes, Them, They who apparently know everything) say that we always end up like our mothers, no matter how much we think

Parent Pressure To Succeed

By Arathi Devandran @miffalicious A couple of days ago, while I was aimlessly trawling the net, procrastinating from the essay writing that awaited me, I stumbled upon some ads for

Teens, Youth Dating: Still Taboo?

By Arathi Devandran @miffalicious & online at: I restarted this article about four times before I figured out what I could possibly say. Which goes to show how awkward