Youth Talk


In this section we talk about issues facing South Asian youth today and provide a young person’s perspective to moms in South Asian families. This section is supported by Brown Girl Magazine.

First Job, First Working Experience

  Oops, I’m a working adult now. By Arathi Devandran @miffalicious & online at The weekend began for me at 4.30pm on a late Friday afternoon, and I have

Change is Never Easy

by Arathi Devandran @miffalicious & online at: Change is a topic that has been settling heavily on my mind as of late.  Just a few days ago, I bid

My Father, My Role Model

 By Arathi Devandran, Columnist @miffalicious   I have a confession and it is this: I am a memory hoarder. I’m a curator of all things long gone, sepia-toned, lost, faded