Step Mom Jasjit Sangha shares her journey as a South Asian stepmother with 4 kids in a mixed marriage and all the cultural elements that go along with it in this column.

Lessons in Family

Lessons from my mother and father Being a stepmother in a bi-racial blended family can have its benefits. There are tremendous opportunities for learning that you might not otherwise encounter in your life as you bring together two cultures and multiple generations of a family. For example, how common is

The Path to Becoming a Step-Family

Becoming A Step-Family By Jasjit Sangha A journey into motherhood is an unknown adventure. We enter with the skills and limitations we have learned from our parents and caregivers. How this journey will unfold cannot be said: it is a mystery. In the end we will have participated in the

Step Mothering, An Introduction

By Jasjit Sangha “Step mothering” is a new column in our ‘Saheli Circle’ section written by Jasjit Kaur Sangha, a mother and stepmother in a bi-racial step family. Through this column Jasjit hopes to share her insight on step mothering  and offer support to other South Asian stepmothers.  In her