Step Mom Jasjit Sangha shares her journey as a South Asian stepmother with 4 kids in a mixed marriage and all the cultural elements that go along with it in this column.

Teaching My Kids To Stay Connected To Family

By Jasjit Sangha @jasjit_sangha Growing up as an immigrant kid in Canada and India, I got used to developing strong and intense relationships with my cousins, very quickly. Due to distance, we would only see each other every few years, but when we did, we picked up from our last

Keeping Cultural History Alive in Families

Keeping South Asian Culture Alive Through History By Jasjit Sangha @jasjit_sangha & online at: Email Jasjit at: Choosing to live a car-free urban lifestyle has both ups and downs. The advantage is that I live in the midst of a vibrant and diverse city and I walk or bike to