Step Mom Jasjit Sangha shares her journey as a South Asian stepmother with 4 kids in a mixed marriage and all the cultural elements that go along with it in this column.

Creating a Meaningful Activity for the Whole Family

By Jasjit Sangha @jasjit_sangha The best memories from my childhood were of long summer days outside in the sun, playing with my sisters and cousins in the backyard. Sweat would dribble down our forehead as we played games that we made up like “robber robber” or “house house.” Nobody knew

The Measure of Success When It Comes to Children

By Jasjit Sangha @jasjit_sangha How do you measure your children’s success? As the school year comes to a close it is a good time to reflect on how we measure “success” for our children. Is it based on academic achievement alone – as Sanober Bukhari writes about so thoughtfully in

Blending Two Cultures in a Family While Raising Teenagers

By Jasjit Sangha @jasjit_sangha  Jasjit’s Blog: As a stepmother in a blended family, I am once again dealing with the teen years in my house. The mood swings, the focus on peers, the inability to wake up before noon on weekends, and the “need” to shop are once again