In-Law Corner


Ever wish someone was in your corner when it comes to in-laws? Our columnist Nadia Shah shares answers to some of the most common questions around South Asian in-laws and cultural expectations in this section.

Managing Relationship With In-Laws Post Baby

By Nadia Shah @desiinlaws & online at As some of you know, my husband and I are expecting our first child (yay!), so what better time to discuss balancing your parents and your in-laws during pregnancy and the birth of a child? When you search many in-law discussion forums

8 Common Misconceptions About In-Laws

By Nadia Shah @desiinlaws & online at: Family relationships are closely connected to culture in the South Asian community but misconceptions about In-Laws and their role can make navigating family, harder than it needs to be:   Here are my Top 8 Misconceptions About In-Laws: 1. In-laws usually interfere,

‘In-Law Corner’ by Nadia Shah, LCSW

I am so excited to be writing for Masalamommas about a topic that’s unfortunately considered taboo by many South Asians: in-laws.  My goals are to provide positive support and useful advice. Not every in-law challenge has a solution, but I hope to help you find as many as I possibly