In-Law Corner


Ever wish someone was in your corner when it comes to in-laws? Our columnist Nadia Shah shares answers to some of the most common questions around South Asian in-laws and cultural expectations in this section.

My South Asian In-Laws

By Nadia Shah @desiinlaws & online at: Before I got married, my mom always told me “When you marry someone, you marry his family.” Unless your spouse is totally disconnected from his family, then this is true for you. No matter how much you would like to believe that

Are You Breaking Up Your Spouse’s Family?

 You’re a wife, a mom and a daughter-in-law. What happens when those relationships collide? By Nadia Shah @desiinlaws & online at This post was originally published on Despite our best efforts, we all need to accept that it’s normal to have misunderstandings and conflicts with family, including in-laws.

Should Grandparents Have a Say in Your Parenting?

Should grandma have a say? Advice for parents and grandparents. By Nadia Shah @desiinlaws & online at “When dealing with our kids, in-laws and grandchildren, we should remember that we are not the parents. We had our turn, and I guarantee we made just as many mistakes as we