In-Law Corner


Ever wish someone was in your corner when it comes to in-laws? Our columnist Nadia Shah shares answers to some of the most common questions around South Asian in-laws and cultural expectations in this section.

Opening Up on Divorce As A South Asian Woman

By Nadia Shah @desiinlaws & online at: I’m sure most of you have heard it before, and it especially holds true for South Asians: You don’t just marry a person, you marry a family. But does the same hold true for divorce? Do you divorce a family when divorcing

8 Tips to Make Your In-Laws Relationship Stronger

By Nadia Shah @desiinlaws & online: Building relationships, whether they’re with friends, coworkers, or family, usually takes effort, patience, and reciprocity. And there are few instances where these elements are more critical than with in-law relationships. Naturally, you want your in-laws to love you; however it’s extremely important to