Searching for my Curves

By  Yashy Selvadurai Murphy Guest Reporter @yashyanthi online at I once had curves…. a long time ago. Pregnancy was a great excuse to over indulge and have a dessert with every meal but the time has now come for me to wriggle into my pre-pregnancy wardrobe ( I had

Taking Life Lessons From Oprah

By Yashy Selvadurai Murphy, guest blogger @yashyanthi Having an Oprah experience was not on my bucket list (Eminem…Michael Jackson, yes…but O? Nah!) but I when I was invited to attend as a masalamommas’ reporter I could not say No! I’m not a huge fan of self-help exercises and speeches and

Eating out with baby: Toronto, Canada

By Yashy Selvadurai Murphy @yashyanthi   We love eating out, scoping out new joints and seeking new experiences put quite the dent in our monthly budget. Certain people assumed that our adventurous foodie escapades would cease after the arrival of the Little Monkey. Let me tell you … it didn’t.