Event Feature: Launch of Jacob’s Holiday Collection

  Something Naughty and Nice By Yashy Selvadurai Murphy @yashyanthi & online at Babyandlife.com As Masalamomma’s event reporter I got to spend a morning with a few Toronto fashionistas and JACOB’s Style Expert Cristelle Basmaji, for a peak at the JACOB  holiday and gift collection that will be in stores this

Masalamommas Toronto Events Writer!

With Toronto as one of our biggest hubs next to Vancouver for the South Asian population, we hope to bring you in depth coverage of all the highlights of what Toronto has to offer masalamommas like you! Yashy Selvadurai Murphy is a first-time mom of Sri-Lankan roots with a passion

Infusing Your Kids With Culture in the City

By Yashy Selvadurai Murphy @yashyanthi online at babyandlife.com Thinking about art galleries and museums conjures quiet hallways with expensive pieces, rare artifacts, fancy pants hipsters or hoity toity older folks speaking in hushed tones. What you don’t think about are kids. Little animated, rambunctious rugrats. ‘Cause you know… kids and art