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Sarson Ka Saag: A Lohri Staple

By Nisha Vedi Pawar   January 13th marks Lohri, a festival celebrated by people from Punjab and North India. Traditionally, it is associated with the end of winter and the harvesting of Rabi (winter) crops. These crops include wheat, barley, mustard (sarson) and peas. New marriages and births are celebrated

Making Family Meal-Time A Priority

Family Dinner – A labor of love By Nisha Vedi Pawar @lovelaughmirch & online at: In today’s busy world we are lucky if the whole family gets a few peaceful moments together. And by peaceful I mean sans television, tablets, mobile devices etc. In between work, school, sports activities,

Dealing with New Mom Guilt

New Mom? Guilt Isn’t Far Behind   By Nisha Vedi Pawar @lovelaughmirch & online at: Over a month ago I went from being a “Masalamomma-in-training” to a real life Masalamomma. We were blessed with a precious baby girl and life as we knew would never be the same.