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Education Editor: Anjali Joshi

Welcome to our new Education Editor, Anjali Joshi! Anjali Joshi is a teacher turned stay-at-home mom who loves writing about her adventures of mommyhood; from tales of terror to lessons of love, she shares the not-so mundane musings of just another stay-at-home mom. What started out as a fun pass

Who Says Being “Stingy” is Bad?

By Anjali Joshi @theresanjali & online at:   Stingy Sting. That’s what one headline read when Sting told Daily Mail UK that he won’t be leaving his multi-million pound fortune for his six kids. Those words left a scowl on the faces of many people and had them wondering,

Education: Parental Involvement that Makes a Difference

By Anjali Joshi @theresanjali & online at:   There was a time when parents had little doubt in their mind about the positive impact of parental involvement in the educational lives of their children; however, following the New York Times op-ed piece, Parental Involvement is Overrated, parents everywhere were