Preparing Your Vehicle for a Safe Road Trip

Emily Chung road trip safety

As many of us masalamommas get ready for vacation and road trips, we know those long drives can be challenging but also fun and a great way to build memories with children. As moms we often do a lot of the driving of our vehicles and use them more but we don’t necessarily do all the ‘checks’ we need to. So we’ve enlisted the help of another mom who is also a licensed auto technician to help us get the facts on doing just that!

This month we ask our Auto Service Technician and expert Emily Chung at Autoniche

What are the most important ways to prepare our car for a road trip and how can we ensure we have a safe trip on the roads?

Emily shares tips in our first ‘Car Talk’ video on:                                                                                                                      [vsw id=”DhR49b1F7Vg” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

  • When to bring your car in for service
  • Checking fluids, tire pressure
  • Wiper function check
  • What to pack in an emergency kit
  • Why old cell phones can be helpful

When it comes to Checking Lights, here’s what you should know:

At least 1 day before you leave for your road trip, do a quick visual inspection of your vehicle’s lights. You’ll need to do this with someone else, and if you have older children it’s a great way to get them involved with basic car maintenance.

The following is a list of lights that may be on your vehicle:  Chevy Malibu lights IMG_8392

  • Daytime Running Light
  • Low Beam Headlight
  • High Beam Headlight
  • Side Marker Light
  • Turn Signal Light
  • Fog Light
  • Brake Light (every vehicle should have a minimum of 3)
  • Reverse Light
  • License Plate Light

More tips:

Learn all about the Government of Canada “Get Prepared” campaign’s car emergency kit checklist:

Top 10 Road Trip Games to play with kids

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