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By Yashy Selvadurai Murphy @yashyanthi & online at: www.babyandlife.com

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Austin is foodie heaven! On our most recent trip to Austin (with a 7- month-old mind you!) all we did was eat and drink. We found Austin to be quite baby friendly, nearly every place we went to (bars included) had high chairs and car seat stands along with friendly servers.

Texas is known for great BBQ and I’m not going to tell you where to get the best BBQ because I believe that good BBQ is very subjective and based on personal preference. Are you SAUCY or DRY? I’ll let you embark on your own journey to BBQ discovery.

Here’s a list of non BBQ food and drink spots we highly recommend you trying out if you ever visit Austin, Texas…whether you have a baby in tow or not!



Oasis : Best place to catch the sunset on Lake Travis while sitting on a patio with a Margarita in hand. We heard the food wasn’t so great here so we had dinner prior to heading over. Based on the dessert we had, I’d say it was a smart choice! This is your hotspot for drinks and one of the best sunsets of all time.


Baby A’s (Acapulco) : Best happy hour with deadly drinks (two Margarita maximum!) and the appetizers were quite good too. Lots of Mexican inspired dishes alongside BBQ items and they even have Gluten free options! Which was impressive for a quasi-sports bar.


hop doddyHopdoddy : Best burger bar ever!  You get to grab your drink prior to ordering your meal… sure helps pass the time whilst standing in line. This is a happening spot and can be quite busy but definitely worth a visit. I had the best Ahi Tuna Burger ever! The lamb and beef burgers were also good from the wolfing down I witnessed at my table.  These guys are very baby friendly  though don’t go offering the adult milkshakes to your kids!


Gueros Taco Bar : We LOVE LOVE LOVE authentic Mexican food and so for us Austin was amazing because of the vast selection on offer. That said Gueros by far was our favourite discovery. If you’re ever in the south Congress area, hop over for a meal. Thank me later! From Tamales to Rellnos there’s no going wrong here. Gluten free and vegan options galore.



Z Tejas : The setting at the Arboretum location is fabulous! We lunched on the terrace (margarita and all) and it was a divine way to spend a leisurely afternoon overlooking the hills. The Raw Ahi Tuna Chipotle bites and street tacos were our faves. Oh and let’s not forget the buttery corn bread! Delish!


La Tapatia : This is a hole in the wall. Which is why I’m going to tell you that it sits at 13450 North Highway 183 in Austin. Go here for the best breakfast tacos, hands down. No joke, four of us were stuffed for $14 in TOTAL.  If you’re looking for cactus tacos this is one place to try it. My favourite was the chorizo ones. I love me my  chorizo.


alamoAlamo Draft House : This is the one place that was not baby friendly. Since it’s a movie theatre they only allow kids aged 7  and up. I left the Little Monkey with the hubs one morning and went for a quick Pecan Porter Milkshake (yup..  beer milkshake. Drooooooooool).  If you have the time definitely catch a movie here. Not only do they deliver the booze and food to your seat, but everything is made fresh and delivered in real vessels. I’m talking freshly popped corn in a metal bowl … no paper bags. Pizza on a pan…not a box.


House Bars : On Rainey street you can go bar hopping, yes with a baby. No one gave us the stink eye either! There are a couple houses which have been converted to casual bars and is absolutely the best place to explore cocktail culture. We chose a lazy Sunday afternoon to hop along a few of them, exploring hand crafted cocktails and some fine tequila. I will admit that a Friday or Saturday night would be crazy fun, but probably not baby friendly.




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