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Childbirth and mothering has existed since time began. To be a mother (than a father) is both exalted and taken in stride. It’s as common as it is special. Two sides of the same coin. I am a mother, three times over. I have three beautiful children of different ages that make me proud when they can and drive me nuts when they surely must.

My plate is full, emotionally too.

Then why is it that every time a young person’s life switches off ever so suddenly in the world around us, do tears and sadness choke my throat and I instantly am transported to the child’s mothers shoes? Is that natural? or am I just really weird?

When news of Newtown shootings broke, we cried together, feeling for those children and parents and shuddered at how sad and tragic their world just got. I went on a step further and choked hot thick tears on imagining the children’s expressions, faces and feelings, and then took it a step further to hurt for Nancy Lanza, the mother of Adam who was a child himself.

I think about the Tsarnaev brothers, and when everyone around me saw them as evil terrorists (which they were in the true sense) I saw the younger one as confused not yet mature teenager who may not have known what he got sucked into. I have teenagers at home, and as grounded and mature they are, I know as other teenage moms know, that it is only natural for a teenager to be wise one minute and behave like a bozo the next.

I wondered about their mother so far away. I hurt for her.

This isn’t about right or wrong. It is about the place that mothers occupy, as a special role and a place where no one else but they, can stand and be engulfed in an emotion so alien and strange to anyone else but their own clan.

Being a mother is a gift. One that we take for granted. A gift that we share in a communal bond because what is mine is yours. I am a mother. I will cry and laugh for your child, as much as you will for mine. Mothering is not about a natural child, or a child in a traditional family setting. To mother is to nurture, to care and to love. Once a child touches your heart, every child out there is your child. To be a mother once is to be a mother forever.

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