From Make-Up Brushes to Baby Showers


 By Anjum Choudhry Nayyar

Farah Balolia

Farah Balolia is used to long hours with the make-up chair, making a face glow before an event and recommending the right shade of foundation. But in these last 9 months, her world has centred around picking the right baby chair, learning about pregnancy glow and the top recommendations  for a swollen foot.

Due November 12, Farah is a hugely popular beauty blogger and runs a blog called facesbyfarah, which has gained a name for itself across the country. She’s done shoots for Nike Canada and the W Network and speaks to us about her transition from beauty to baby and the things she’s thinking about leading up to her delivery.


As a mom to be, how did you and your husband celebrate your pregnancy?

The beginning of this pregnancy was a hard one as we had a few scares but once we knew the baby was ok we were overjoyed. If my husband had it his was way, he would have screamed it off the roof top!


What are some of your most humourous moments about being pregnant?

Now that Im just weeks away from delivering I have 1 slightly swollen foot.. Just one… It looks so odd and my husband and I always laugh about it. Also, my memory has always been horrible but now if I don’t write it down it doesnt get done and its gotten me in a bind a few times yikes!


How have you chosen to document your pregnancy?

I’m normally a very private person in terms of what I choose to share online. That being said I have chosen to document some of my pregnancy on my blog and via social media so me readers can follow my journey and what I’m experiencing. I have gotten a great response to those posts and its also helped me learn from other moms which is so helpful.


What do you think are some of the biggest challenges South Asian women looking to become parents face?

This is a tricky one because I haven’t really faced any challenges that any other pregnant woman hasn’t gone through however South Asian woman do have a higher risk of developing Gestational Diabetes which is why I asked to be tested early in my pregnancy and am so grateful I did because it turns out I was one of those women who had it.


What role has your own mother played in shaping the kind of mother you will be?

My mother has been there daily for me throughout this pregnancy and its really helped me realize that a mothers role for a daughter is unparalleled. This experience would not have been the same had I not been able to share it with my mother who constantly reassures me that I CAN do this.


What cultural traditions have you chosen to carry on as a parent?

Since my husband and I are a mixed religion/culture couple I want to make sure our children know the basics of both religions and cultures which will include language, food and being exposed to both our families special holidays.


What is your favourite weakness as a mom to be?

Feeling my baby hiccup or move inside me…. there is no other feeling like it in the world!


How do you think mothers of today are different than those in our parents generation?

I think we are a lot more informed. With the accessibility of the internet, chat forums and google you can find answers to all the mystery questions you have during pregnancy. There are also a lot more resources for help once baby is born from breastfeeding clinics to mommy groups.


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