Being a working South Asian woman is our day job, but being a masalamomma is 24-7. Whether you’re living in an extended family, on your own with kids or with a partner, sometimes you don’t have the answer to that parenting question or challenge. Should you be on your child’s Facebook page? What school should you choose for your child? What’s the latest parent must-have for your baby? Here, you’ll find tips from experts and our very own masalamommas on how to tackle issues for all ages: baby, toddler, preschooler, teen and young adult. We’ll also provide suggestions and interviews with other inspiring masalamommas about finding their own version of the “right balance” of culture and parenting.

Have Baby, Will Carry!

By Anjum Choudhry Nayyar It’s long been known that wearing or carrying your baby on your body can be extremely beneficial for both baby and mom.  In tribal communities inRead this story.

Mixed Marriage, Mixed Parenting

  Being in an interracial marriage can have its challenges but it can also enrich the lives of children who are exposed to BOTH cultures in creative ways. Having aRead this story.

Profile of a Masalamomma: Bageshree Vaze

Portrait of a masalamomma Each month we’ll have an interview with a masalamomma who talks to us about being a South Asian working mom, juggling it all but still managingRead this story.