Top 10 Picks from the Sears WishBook: Gift Guide

sears wishbook

A few days ago, I came home to find a special delivery at my door: the Sears Wishbook

I remember the days growing up when we’d receive that Holiday or Christmas Catlaog in the mail. It was a sign that we could start counting down for Christmas. We would sit around and go through it page by page and fold the corners of the pages that knew we wanted to show to mom so that she could make sure that item got added to our wishlist.

Christmas was such a fun time at home once we started putting our lists together. Now with Ipads and laptops, our conversations seem to be around screens and gone are the days where we’d sit with our parents and just chat about toys, books and other things.

This year, when I got the new Sears Wishbook delivered to my door, it was very nostalgic. When I brought it out in front of my kids, they came sat with me on the sofa to see what I was reading and got very excited. We ended up choosing just a few things that we all thought would make great gifts this holiday for each other; we had fun picking out what would be good for dad, good for bua, their cousins and of course moi.



Here’s our TOP 10 list of our favourite picks from the book: 

1.Air Hogs Star Wars, Remote Control Millenium Falcon: both kids thought this was cool; my daughter loves remote control things and my son loves anything Star Wars. This is perfect to go under the tree for any age: With 2.4GHz communication, you can control the Millennium Falcon up to 200 feet away!

sears wish book air hogs star wars

2.Meccano Mechanical building sets Meccanoid 2.0

Meccano sets encouraged kids to develop skills in manual dexterity and problem solving, ideally, producing mechanical engineers for the future. (Meccano’s instructions even included deliberate errors to advance kids’ talents in experimentation, trouble shooting, and puzzling out problems.) More recently, the company has forsaken its mechanical engineering principles for robotics. for ages 8 and up.


3.Crayola Air Marker Sprayer ages 8 and up: My daughter bee-lined to the page where this was right away. She’s an art fanatic and this tool makes art and paint so much more fun. Gotta love Crayola’s innovations.
sears wishbook 2016 crayola








4.Outer Edge Minions Snow Rider Saucer Sled ages 6 and up: My kids love the Minions and are looking forward to sledding this winter since we didn’t get to do that last year as much. We hope to put this on our wishlist for the grandparents so we can have this in our winter sport box!










5.Newberry Dolls: Even though my nine-year-old daughter has outgrown Barbie, she still loves her dolls and especially loves making them clothese now that she’s taking sewing at school. These dolls are just the right fit for any girl’s interests.


6.Women’s Loungewear and Candles Gift set: love that Namst’ay in bed all day tea! Love this and I think I’ll just buy myself this on my own! Perfect for mommas.


7.Hard sided Luggage in Indigo Paisley: We are always looking for the right size of luggage especially on our short-haul trips to Florida, NYC and Washington D.C. I think this set perfectly matches my personality:) A little paisley goes a long way on the luggage runway!


8.Breville no mess waffle maker: Who would turn down a waffle maker? We love waffles at home and this one is the perfect size for storing too. My kids put this on our list because our last one didn’t stand the test of time. Time for a new waffle maker!

sears wishbook wafflemaker

9.Fergalicious Brae Lace-up: gotta have something for mom’s night out right? My daughter helped me pick out these shoes for my wishlist!


10.AC DC shirt for dad: My husband is an old rock fanatic and this shirt would make his wishlist complete. The kids know all about ‘dad’s wierd music’ but this shirt is a winner for sure.


Check out the Sears Wishbook for all of your holiday ideas!

This post was sponsored by Sears Canada but as always opinions are my own.

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