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Ki to SuccessBy the age of 65, close to 90% of Canadians are deep in debt.  When I heard this fact I was blown away.  We as a society are making more money then we have ever made but yet we are more in debt then we have ever been.

Credit cards have become convenience cards and balancing cheque books…well, what is that?

Hello Ladies and anyone else who is reading.  I’m Kirin Singh fondly known as Ki, author of The Ki to Success, owner of R.O.I Realty an Investment Real Estate Brokerage, divorced mother of 2 beautiful young children.  We are about to begin a wicked ORANGE journey.  ORANGE you ask! Well, Its me, it’s my brand so to speak…Its about positive energy and about moving forward. I am unbelievably excited to get to know you and assist you in any way, why because money doesn’t grow on trees. 

I specialize in real estate, and my passion is investment building. After having my clementines, aka kids and feeling that initial “Oh my goodness I am a mother now and no longer allowed to think only of myself” I realized more and more what our parents sacrificed for us to grow up in this amazing country. Immigrating from overseas with little or no money and mainly young children in tow.  

Kirin Singh, Finance Contributor

Kirin Singh, Finance Contributor


It was such a shame to watch them work so hard for 15-20 years paying off the house, and then when the children are ready for post secondary education they refinance the house pull out the equity and pay for their children’s school. And to top it off, they have to work another 15 years to pay that debt off. 

The truth is a majority of our parents never had the real knowledge of how to start building their retirement and continued to join the herd mentality and invest their hard-earned money with the banks and their RRSP’s etc. or play the stock market. We as young adults know in our hearts that stocks and RRSP’s really aren’t the way to move ahead.  But what else do we do?

We need to educate ourselves on how the elite 1% do it, or,at least aim for it!  We need to teach our children how to be investment savvy and prepare for their retirement at an early age.  There are 2 major elements in our lives that cause us stress and that is Financial burden, and Renovations lol.  Imagine a society who is so financial savvy and STRESS Free (to most degrees) walking more and more with smiles on their faces, well that’s my vision.

Fortunately I was taught, well-ordered lol, to invest my money in real estate from a young age. My mother who is a kick ass savvy investor taught me the foundations of financial responsibility and preparation for my children’s future and my own retirement.  This is what I want to share with all of you…

In this ‘Ki to Success’ series we’ll discuss things like, ‘What is the difference between Apples and Oranges in regards to investing, What is “Dead Equity”? The difference between Renting vs Buying? Why negative cash flows with income properties can prove to be lucrative re: your personal taxes.’

Feel free to ask me anything regarding Real Estate, Wealth management, Creating your financial Blueprint…

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***These finance posts are for informational purposes only. Please consult with your family financial planner for detailed advice.

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