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By Anjum Choudhry Nayyar

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Editorial Director

Editorial Director

Each year, on various cultural holidays including the Christmas season, I look for South Asian-inspired gift ideas because I’m finding more and more, that my friends and relatives really appreciate them. I think that may be because as our generation was growing up, there certainly weren’t as many options for gift ideas. More importantly, getting South Asian-inspired gifts was certainly not top of mind.

I decided for my blog this week to share some of my favourite finds when it comes to Indian-inspired ideas!

So whether you’re celebrating Christmas or a South Asian cultural holiday, here are my  some of my favourite gift ideas for any momma on your list:

Haathi Mere Saathi Infant Set 



This infant set really caught my eye and I wish I’d seen it when I first had my kids! I love anything with Indian elephants (not sure why) Designed by Madhav Subrahmanyam. Haathi Mere Saathi translates as, ‘Elephant, my friend’. It’s the perfect new baby gift that is not only unique but also beautiful. I love the colours and the muslin set is complete with pillows and a blanket.

Shopping on Exclusivelyin is really convenient because they ship globally. Just don’t get distracted by the Benarsi saris they have online! $95.00

Chiri baby Shirt
Love love Chiri shirts and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the owner; so I know there’s nothing but love put into each and every item. They’re cute, they’re fun and they make a statement..usually a ‘masalamomma-friendly’ one. I especially love the one that has ‘Badmaash Sometimes’ as it really depicts what most of our sons are probably like! Check out baby onesies and shirts from ages 1-6! $19.00







Peacock Potli Bag
I absolutely love potli bags of any kind. I find now that I don’t need a diaper bag everywhere I go, I can actually take the  ‘fun purse’. But on most occasions I’m still having to carry something else, like my son when he’s tired, a thermos of water or something else. So having the ability to have a purse that can house my cell phone, my lipstick and a bit of cash or my credit cards and be carried on my wrist for a hands-free accessory!

This peacock-inspired potli from Pondicherry makes my list because it’s glam and has a bit of bling to make it a functional accessory to add to that black dress or Indian lengha. I  love potlis like this with gold handles (mimicking bangles) for that extra fun.  $22.00

Get it here:






Sari Bangle Travel Case
I gotta say, Amrita Singh, really has it all. She’s got clothes, accessories, bangles and gets what women need. I’ve loved her style for a long time and this sari bangle case is great for any woman on your gift list. It’s travel friendly and pretty!

images (1)


You can house a full set in here or a just a few special bangles for that family wedding out-of-town or for your next family getaway.

It’s great to just store sets you want to stay together too. It comes with cushioned insert to hold your bangles in place. $50.00


Chai Mug

For that chai-lover in your circle! I loved this mug and recently put it on our Facebook fan page and got a huge response. Such a simple gift, but a great message. $10.00




Doonya Bollywood Dance Workout DVD

For that Bollyfit momma you may know! I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jeannie, a Doonya ambassador and teacher this past summer. What a fab lady who really sold me on what Doonya stands for.



Doonya offers something for all ages of women and helps make the average workout a fun one!

Check out the videos and shop here.


Dessert book by Devnaa

If you’ve got a person with a sweet-tooth on your list, this gift idea rocks. I’ve been following Devnaa for a while, and its founder Rupal Rawal truly knows how to bring the contemporary version of Indian-inspired sweets to life! $72.96



The Hope Sari
Ok, so this is something that I would love. It’s for that woman on your list (guys….) for a very special occasion. I would snap up Lisa Ray’s Hope sari in a flash! So stunning and a true piece of wearable art, as Lisa calls it. Lisa Ray - hope sareeslider

I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Lisa Ray this year when she launched the line in collaboration with Satya Paul, and I must say, any woman will stand out wearing this sari. So guys, here’s a gift idea for you and your lady! $800.00


Henna-inspired Wine Glasses

I love this idea and it’s such a pretty gift for anyone who loves to entertain. These wine classes stand out and  are hand-painted. Each glass stands at 9 inches tall and holds 20 ounces. They are made by Henna4u.   These glasses are sure to please the artistic host in your group and they look fab on the table!  $24.99/glass. You can call to get pricing for a set of 6.




For the Foodie in Your Life: Sleek Spice rack by Horne

If chic and sleek is what you are into these days, this spice rack is a must have for your kitchen accessories. Cut and shaped from a single sheet of stainless steel, the Aperture spice rack neatly frames your spices as a stripe of colorful blocks.  modern-food-containers-and-storage

Each rack holds eight jars, so you can choose to keep your favorites readily accessible, or mount multiple racks together to organize everything from turmeric  to garam masala. Glass jars with cork tops are included, but spices are not. $79.00



Rajasthani Tunic: Pear it with Jeans!

I have loved this since I saw it a year ago on pondicherry’s website. It’s a great find with unique tailoring and can be paired with skinny jeans and boots!



Love the colour and of course our fav style blogger Naina Singla wears it well. $32.00


Do you have a favourite South Asian inspired must-have?

Send me your ideas for our next story!

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