MM @ Work Contributor: Vidya Venkatesh


Our newest MM@ Work contributor, Vidya Venkatesh!

MM@Work Contributor

MM@Work Contributor

Vidya is no stranger to masalamommas, she’s been a guest blogger off and on since 2012. As a mom who’s worked in the corporate world juggling twins, there’s no shortage of work-life-motherhood experience for Vidya.

Motherhood has been such a powerful teacher on so many levels. I find myself taking the many lessons that being a mom of twin baby boys has taught me and incorporating them into my work life.” Vidya is a mom of twin toddler boys,  enjoying the roller-coaster ride of work-life integration in the Silicon Valley. While she’s not working full-time as a Biotechnology professional, she’s out and about with her family, enjoying the fine life of California Bay Area; her superpower is her ability to multi-task at a pace that makes many around her, dizzy!

Vidya will bring her personal dose of humour and experience as a working masalamomma juggling the demands of corporate life to our MM@Work Column. She’s written about the role of ‘making the decision to work outside the home‘, mothering twins and travelling with kids.

 Photo Courtesy: Vidya Venkatesh

Photo Courtesy: Vidya Venkatesh

What’s her take on time and life as a mom? “Work expands to fill time, and as I attempted to handle the largest increase in work load (feed, burp, change, and entertain round the clock, times two!) I had ever experienced, I am much more protective of my time now. I find myself strictly prioritizing and asking the question, ‘Is this going to take me closer to my goals – professional or personal?’ before I allocate time for any new task.”

She adds being part of a South Asian community helps in so many ways.

“Being of South Asian origin, I am blessed to have a large set of family members spanning multiple generations, and friends to rely on. With this came the challenge of forming my own parenting style, while still incorporating their advice and wisdom into it,” said Vidya.

“I had to learn to stand my ground, while at the same time, not offend those that had experience on their side.  I was able to transfer this critical skill to my work life as well, and have been able to communicate assertively and in a tactful manner, especially in situations where I have disagreed with others’ point of view.”

Stay tuned to her posts on MM@Work!

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